Owner and Creative of Velvet Fox Designs.
I have a passion for the modern aesthetic and designing for unique clientele. I understand that each person or project is special and it's always refreshing to create something new and exciting.
Something about me; I love coffee, boba, and food. I drink about a cup of coffee a day and that's all I need to get working. 
I've always had a passion for art and design since a young age. Growing up, my business-centric family impacted my way of thinking tremendously. I'm thankful for them teaching me all the know-how of business. Combine that with my design background, you got Velvet Fox Designs! 

Hi, I'm Angelica!

About Velvet Fox Designs

The How & Why

My business is centered around carefully hand-crafted details, like vellum envelopes, acrylic menus, and waxy embellishments. I have an arsenal of state-of-the-art machinery at my disposal and it's constantly growing as I acquire new skillsets and production methods.

As for my company name, Velvet Fox, I originally wanted a moniker people could relate with and enjoy, something that would evoke feelings of endearment. As the process evolved, it’s turned out to be something more meaningful, that carries a lot of my background and sentimental value. I like to think of myself as a fox, someone who is crafty, cunning, and determined. Adaptable in any environment. It stuck with me, and I often find myself reveling in the fact that I have come so far and have pushed to get to my dream career. 

If our story resonates with you and you're planning a day for yourself or a loved one that you think would be well served by unique, one of a kind stationery or signage design, I urge you to fill out our contact form to get started.
I'd love to chat with you further.



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